Saturday, May 26, 2018

Metallurgy and Materials Engineer Career Opportunity

The metallurgical profession is extremely diverse, and it offers a wide variety of career opportunities for young people who have an interest in technology, science and engineering. Metallurgical engineers are employed in every industry and enterprise that produces, buys, sells refines or manufactures metals or metallic products. You have probably heard many times that modern societies cannot function without a plentiful supply of every conceivable type of metal and alloy and that people who are skilled in the use or production of metals and metallic materials of all kinds are highly valued. This is indeed true, and metallurgical engineers command good salaries, and young metallurgical graduates can expect to be able to choose from some exciting career alternatives.

Materials Science & Engineering is a very broad field. It has expanded from a metallurgical focus to encompass other fast-growing fields such as bio-materials and electronic materials. In the aerospace industry, which historically has provided much of the demand for materials engineers, continues to make strides in R&D - so that even in this classical industry, opportunities are evolving.You'll find major manufacturers of helicopters, jet engines, missiles and aerial drones, spacesuits and life support equipment systems for the space station. All these technologies depend on complex materials processing techniques and the ability to select appropriate materials for unconventional applications. For these, materials and mechanical engineers are sought - with a preference for materials engineers in processing and materials testing & characterization. Concentrations in metallurgy and composites are needed.

A lot of the demand is coming from the micro/opto-electronics industry (semiconductors, sensors, functional materials for electronic applications)

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